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Butler Dual Spike Beds Last for the Long Haul

Butler Spike Beds are the economical and easiest way to pick up and freely move your hay bales. Utilizing an electric over hydraulic system, Butler Spike Beds lift and load large square, or round bales up to 2,750 lb. You can remove the spikes and stow under the deck when not needed for hay.

Butler Spike Beds are versatile and come with a one-year limited warranty, free from workmanship defects. Butler Spike Beds are a heavy-duty, affordable option for your farm and ranch needs.

spike Bed Specifications & Features

Dual Spikes
  • Allows for hauling of large square, and round bales
  • Spike Bed rated at 2,750 lb. lifting capacity
Spike Storage

The spikes can easily be removed and stored under the bed when not in use.

Headache Rack

Heavy-duty rectangular tubing designed for clean-looking lines, structural integrity, and safety.


Enclosed high-count LED stop, tail, turn lights and LED side markers.

Receiver Hitch

Two-inch hitch welded to the heavy-duty bumper.


Dutec underbody weather-resistant toolboxes offer stow and go security.


30,000 lb. rated recessed gooseneck hitch with chain hookups for safety.


12-volt hydraulic unit for in-cab, wired controller.


One-year limited warranty, free from workmanship defects.


Any Butler Arm Bed, Spike Bed, or Flat Bed can be skirted by simply adding the skirting option. This skirting allows the underside of the truck and bed to be hidden allowing for a cleaner looking overall appearance of the truck and bed. The Butler Skirted Bed retains the standard options available for that bed line. Rear boxes can be added for additional storage.

Trough bed

Spend less time and energy cranking your gooseneck jack; gooseneck trough makes hooking up gooseneck trailers more efficient.

Forged spikes

Lifting heavy bales? The forged spike is engineered to resist bending under the additional weight when lifting heavier bales.

Wireless remote

Conveniently control the functions of your bed outside of the cab with a wireless remote.

Tailored headache rack height

Enhance the look of any pickup truck with headache rack sizes that fit all cab heights.

Rub rails

Give yourself adequate tie down areas with the welded rub rails.

B&W 5th wheel gooseneck

When you need a flat surface across your bed and gooseneck towing ability, consider the B&W turnover ball.


Give yourself additional storage space to help you get ready for any job and won’t get in the way of loading bales.

Rear-mounted toolboxes

Need even more storage? Add these underbody boxes for a safe and secure space to your Butler Bed.

Butler Beds Spike Bed Manual
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