Don Polich - Montana Rancher Testimonial

Don Polich - Montana Rancher Testimonial

December 7, 2023

In the heart of southeastern Montana, where winters are notoriously severe, third-generation rancher Don Polich manages a sprawling 12,000-acre ranch. The beautiful, yet sometimes challenging landscape can be a critical concern for ranchers like Don tending to livestock. The harsh winter conditions, characterized by frozen fields and ponds, pose significant challenges to cattle well-being.

Undeterred by the relentless demands of the season, Don emphasized the necessity for resilience in ranching. "You learn not to control anything; you learn to deal with everything. You don't manage it; you don't challenge it; you deal with it," he remarked. The taxing chores of chopping ice, checking water sources, and feeding cattle persist day and night, requiring unwavering attention and the right equipment to navigate those challenges.

Enter the Butler Arm Bed, a game-changer for northern ranchers. It was the bed’s rugged structure, paired with the simple electric over hydraulic system that led Don to a Butler. The flexibility to haul two bales, as well as unroll for easy feeding has significantly impacted Don’s efficiency, he said.

"The Butler Bale Bed for us is so reliable,” Don added. “It's dependable, it's strong, it's heavy-duty built. Season to season, you'd see that this thing is at work all the time."

Recognizing the pivotal role of reliable equipment, the Butler Bed is the ultimate tool for Don on the ranch.

“You can count on it, and we do,” he said.